Friday, 26 June 2009

The Power Of Naughty Words

Friday, 26 June 2009
I was Twittering earlier and I came across this picture of Lady GaGa setting fire to her boobs in a live performance the night before - check it out!

I think it is completely hilarious, and I have been chuckling about it for a little while now. Why was I drawn to the post? It stood out among a sea of Tweets because it contained the word 'boobs'.

Yes, I am a child.

I know.

Doesn't that word make you stifle a small giggle, at the very least?

Well how about FART then?

That really is the one that does it for me, it must be said. Just slipping an unprecedented 'fart' into a sentence will floor me pretty much every time. Even funnier still is seeing it written down.

I had to write it on a box of stock at work the other day (it was full of old fashioned practical joke type gifts - whoopee cushions, fart whistles etc), and every time I walk past that box in the store room I have to supress a little giggle.

Is it just me?

Surely not. If it were, 'The Young Ones' would never have been as popular as it was, would it? Hmmm... but then again, whenever I try to watch it again nowadays it just isn't funny any more.

Has my sense of humour gotten more sophisticated as I have grown older? Well, I like to think so - I certainly prefer darker, more twisted types of things these days - 'League of Gentlemen', 'Nighty Night' etc. But really, if I'm brutally honest - funny as I do find them, there is nothing that beats the hilarity of someone dropping an incongruous naughty word into a conversation.
Maybe it's just me. Nah - can't be... Is it?
Actually, they're even funnier if they're written in caps. Look, KNOCKERS - see?
My husband always says that he spends most of his life poking fun at the world in his head. His theory is that if he can amuse himself, and get a laugh out of something, well that's infinitely better than not getting a laugh at all. (?)
Even he thinks I am a child.
Oh well, I'm giggling....

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Organic Meatbag said...

I also like Woodcocker and tit mouse!!

Bo-Beena said...

The classic Tit Mouse from Curb... love it! :)

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