Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Beginning...

Tuesday, 23 June 2009
I've always loved 'beginnings'. The whole concept of it is exciting - the newness of it all, the invigorating feeling that anything is possible, the challenge of creation - boundaries and limits don't yet exist, they only creep in when the lethargy that inevitably seeps in allows them to.
So here we are - at the beginning of my new blog. Truthfully, nothing could be newer to me than this whole concept -'blogging'. Maybe thats why I am so excited by it - which isn't a bad thing. I don't mind admitting to you (partly because i find it hard to belive that anyone will ever read this) that I don't have a 'Danny La Rue' (is it still ok to say that, now that he's gone?) what in 'Billy-O' I am doing?

What am I doing?

Why am I doing this?

Still asking myself, I'm afraid. I'll be frank - my Web Guy told me that writing a blog and linking it to my new web site ( http://www.roseanddylan.co.uk/ - don't look for it, it's not up and running - mainly because I haven't done the category writing I need to for it yet - but hey, commit it to memory if you like ...) will help me in the Google ratings. So that is the main reason I considered writing this. He also told me to get a Twitter account for the shop ( which I have - https://twitter.com/rosedylangifts - that does work) and a facebook page - which, hey - I'm so 'down wid it' I already had one! *snort* (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=11159603460&ref=ts)

Okay, so admitting my initial reason for writing this may well offend you 'blog afficionado's. It is - sorry, was - for business reasons that I first entertained the idea. But actually, having thought about it, long and hard, I have decided it isn't the main reason I am writing this - here, now...

How many of you reading this, write your own blog?

How many of you reading this are avid blog readers who would love to write your own, but haven't quite gained the focus necessary for starting one yet?

Me, I wouldn't call myself an avid blog reader. Truth is, I haven't enough spare time to be an avid 'anything' except maybe 'arse sitter' (at the end of the evening, every evening). However I would like to be - when I do read them, I inevitably find myself clicking onto their links and losing an evening surfing the blogs - it's fun! I like to read those blogs that are full of links to common interests, facts,figures, but most importantly - OPINIONS.

To me, that is the true beauty of blogging. A place where opinions can be vented, shared, discussed, ignored if necessary, expanded on if you like... but a place where they have room to exist.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you - I am a person who is naturally full of opinions - some misgguided - some not fully thought through - some of them plain stupid, but nonetheless I have them - they are mine and I cherish my 'oh so human' right to free thought and (sometimes) free speech.

I am also a person who is very VERY busy. I run a shop (already mentioned i know... but I must plug it at every opportunity - http://www.roseanddylan.co.uk/), I have two children who have reached the age where they have a better knowledge of computers, dress sense and social life than me, a chronically overworked husband, a house that is getting past the term 'tumbledown' and closer to the word 'dump', and a very old senile and occasionally incontinent cat. As you can see, I do have many other things pressing on my time!

So back to it, why am I taking the time out to write this blog?

Because I want to. I. Me.

I can give this the work tag, and fool myself into thinking I am doing this as a business tool. that way I can rationalise this 'frivolous' use of my time, with my 'You must always be time and therefore cost efficient' mantra that is subliminally on at me in the background - filling me with guilt if I try to steal 5 minutes with a coffee and a fag. Do you know I haven't taken a proper lunch break in months? My head is fizzing, exploding, zipping about faster that an MTV ad break. My attention span decreases as my 'things to do' list increases. I sometimes feel that I am on autopilot, set for a collision course with myself. Like Freddy Mercury sang about in 'Don't Stop Me Now' - (OMG - the first music reference I use in this thing is Queen - QUEEN??? Bugger...) The point is - LIFE IS HECTIC, too hectic. I want to slow it down, but I don't want to be left behind. What I want is to take time out to do something fun FOR ME.

I can do this. I can take my time doing this. I can ENJOY doing this. I can. And I will too. Just you watch...

Peace x


Small Footprints said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You're off to a fine start ... I love your writing style!!

I hope you will find the experience as fun as I have. I originally started blogging because my family thought I should write ... and living green is my passion so ... my blog was born. I started out feeling rather frightened of the whole thing and fiercely protective of my identity. Well, I have found a welcoming, considerate, supportive and wonderful community. I'm still guarded with my identity and private life but ... I have made wonderful friends and have been having a great time.

One word of caution ... blogging is totally addictive. :)

Hope you enjoy yourself!

Small Footprints

Maz said...

Acorns baby, acorns.

Big love

The Mazster

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