Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009
A Virtual Tour Of Rose and Dylan

It has come to my attention that many of you lovely blog readers don't live anywhere near the shop, and as such your visits are infrequent; sporadic; sometimes even non existent! So, for those of you that can't come in and enjoy the sensory delight that is 'Rose and Dylan, Gorgeous Gift Shop, 13 Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 3DA, phone number 01462 680040, email , brand new website ' ( phew! What about that for some serious plugging? I'm sorry - I couldn't resist ) - I have created this, the virtual tour!

So as you walk in the front door and turn to your right (apart from being hit by the amazing aroma of bath bombs and insence, which is quite indescribable), I will begin;

This is the first cabinet in the shop. On the very top shelf we have Spaceform; glass paperwights, picture frames and tokens which are handmade in London. Second shelf; Miyabi jewellery - silver that is handmade in Thailand by  only one specific tribe - The Karen. The next shelf down holds 'Chocolate Rain' a funky range of 'Harajuku' style jewellery including mismatching earrings and handstitched corsage/brooches. Below that is 'Surly-ramics', ceramic jewellery strung on leather thongs which is handmade in Hollywood.

 On top of the cabinet next to that are the beautiful  'Papaya' canvases and picture boards.
Okay, so in this cabinet we have the 'No Tail/ Big Baby' range of funky perspex jewellery on the top shelf, and the fabulous 'Leoline' range of jewellery. This is all handcrafted from semi precious stones, beads and felt, by my BFF - Holly, from St Albans. What a clever girl she is!

This next set of shelves contains an array of homewares, decorative items, candles and fragrances, photo albums and frames from a variety of companies including Gisela Graham, Terramundi, Cath Kidston, Arran Aromatics and Rex International. All lovely, I'm sure you'll agree!

More lovelies, including items from the Really Good company and Mozi, an Australian design company formed by two sisters. There are soaps, ipod covers, shower caps, hand creams and candles - an extremely stylish selection of gifts!

Next, we have Kimmidolls - a range of ornaments and homewares inspired by Japanes 'Kokeshi' dolls. Each one represents one of 'life's true values' ie. friendship, love, inspiration, creativity, loyalty etc... Below the table we have a selection of cushions, some of them handmade by a local craftsperson from Letchworth, some of them from larger companies like Gisela Graham and Ian Snow - all of them gorgeous! There are also wooden bangles, oven gloves and a brand new range of handmade purses and travel card holders called 'Cotton Zoo' created by Santoro. Next to the table is a basket full of handmade fairies created by a local artist from Letchworth - so sweet!

Next cabinet! On the top shelf is 'Pixie Stitch' jewellery all created from vintage fabrics, buttons and beads by a young design student from Letchworth - so clever! I'm very envious of all these clever craftspeople that let me sell their wares - wish i could do something that clever! Next shelf down contains jewellery made of semi precious stones by 'Black Ginger' - a young company who formed at a similar time to us in Berkshire.
Next shelf contains all the amazing dichroic glass pieces created by Gabriella Papworth, an artist from Bedford, Blow that shelf are some cufflink also created by Gabriella, along with some cufflinks by Carrie elspeth, the Welsh designer who recently won the prestigious 'jewellery designer of the year' award. Below that are our range of real leather wallets by the fashion brand 'Storm' London.

Pixie Stich (closer view)

Black Ginger

Gabriella Papworth's range

Storm wallets

On the next set of shelves are one of our most popular ranges - Ugly Dolls, created by 'David and Goliath' artists, Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath. These appeal to young and old alike, and come in a variety of colours and sizes, prices from £4.99 for a key ring to £39.99  for a two foot Ugly Doll.

And now, the source of the amazing aroma that wafts through the shop - our bath bombs by 'Bomb Cosmetics'. All of them are made from natural ingredients, are paraben free and, of course, are not tested on animals.

Calendars! (not many left, already!)

'Bomb Cosmetics' giftsets of bath bombs, Bath Fizzers and Melts, saucy 'Juicy Lucy' calendars and cards and exquisite 'Ixli Fabienne' handmade silk slippers from France. Phew! I'm getting all hot and excited! I love shopping, even if it is virtually!

Wahay! Its the 'I heart LGC' bags, made by the uber-trendy 'Bag It Don't Bin It'. These bags have been taken all around the world, and had  photos of their travels posted on our facebook page! Below them is our ever popular range by 'Burt's Bees' - the skincare range with a cult following. (I'm a definite cult member) All Burt's products are 100% natural, and soothing and therapeutic for anyone who has sensitive skin (another gang I'm a member of)

'Arran Aromatics', the family run company from the most northerly point of our fair isles! Of course, all products are natural and not tested on animals (oh yes, and completely gorgeous, but then that kind of goes without saying, as everything in Rose and Dylan is gorgeous!) New from them is the 'Fig' range, but we also stock the 'Lavender' and 'Feel Good Formulas' ranges too.

See! :)

Aaah! One of my favourite diplays in the shop - the 'Jellycat' soft toys! Sooooo soft, sooooo snuggly... A little boy came in the other day and just climbed up on to the chair and snuggled into them all, so inviting they are! Hiding underneath there are a few Ty beanies - I can see a 'Mr Crabs' from the spongebob range cheekily poking out there!

These luxury diffusers from 'Ashleigh and Burwood' are simply the best I have ever come across (and believe me, I know my diffusers...) New for this season, they have developed a new range of 'Build Your Own' diffuser, where you can buy a beautiful handmade vase, the reeds and the fragrance all separately, so you end up with a gorgeous ornament that also fragrances your home in the bargain. So clever, such a fab idea!

So here are the ever popular fragrance lamps by the same company, 'Ashleigh and Burwood'. The clean, clear fragrance they give off is really wonderful, and also a nice alternative for fragrance lovers who can't cope with the headiness of incense and the like...

Sorry about the blurriness of this image. I think I got so excited about all the amazing fragrances of these candles and incense packs that my hands shook! The 'freshly baked shortbread' candle really does smell like the real thing. Oh, that's making me hungry now... Uh-Oh...

Something different, and non smelly now! Funky reading glasses by 'Black Cherry'. Love 'em!

Absolutely beautiful vintage looking notebooks and stationery sets from 'Michel Negrin'...

These are new in this week! Cute little handmade greetings tokens from 'Santoro Graphics'

Hilarious photographic fridge magnets! My favourite is the shark infested custard...

More funky handmade cushions by one of our clever local artists...

Our team put together some gifts recommended for chaps on these shelves - yes, i know they are happiest when presented with conkers and pieces of string, but we think they'll like these just as much. Elvis goodies, retro sweeties, height charts, CD holders and even hoodies for ipods! Cool!

Ed Hardy tattoo design mugs, shot glasses, ash trays, notebooks... too cool for school! :)

So many stocking fillers... glass nail files, note blocks, mugs, peace sign scented candles...

We're moving into our greetings card area now - here is just one of the many card spinners we have filled with unusual and desirable cards.

Whoops, more cards! :)

Yay! Pocket money toys! :)

More pocket money toys, along with thse gorgeous little animals made out of polymer clay by Jade from Letchworth! She's so clever...

'Daisy Roots', handmade leather shoes for little feet. Absolutely beautiful, and one of our best selling lines! They are from just up the road in Northampton, you know...

Shelves full of baby gifts - from 'Gisela Graham', 'Tobar Toys', 'Really Good' and the wonderfully quirky 'DeGlingoes' (they say that a side effect of recession is a baby boom, you know, and if our sales of baby gifts are anything to go by, you'd better believe it!)

Gorgeous gift wrap!

Card section proper now...

If you can't find a suitable card here, well i don't know what... (!)

'Pachamama'! Fairtrade handmade hats, gloves, scarves, arm warmers etc... fab, funky, warm and super snuggly! They are all fleecy lined... :)

Another jewellery cabinet! This shelf has creations from Carrie Elspeth and other pieces by a few of our other clever local designers. Fabulous!

'Daisy Boo' is another jewellery range from a local designer from Letchworth. Beautiful, isn't it?

More 'Leoline' pieces created by my lovely 'Jolly Holly' from St Albans!

'Astareal' - fabulously quirky handmade jewellery created by a young design student from Welwyn Garden City.

'Navajo Beading' is created by a jewellery maker from Letchworth. Exquisite! :)

Our ever popular range of re-usable shopping bags - we stock 'Fiz-Bags', which have a handy key ring on them so you can attach them to yourself and not forget to take them out! And 'Envirosax', which fold up really small even though they're actually really big, and come singly or in packs of 5, so you have enough for a weekly shop with you.

Quirky gifts... note books, biscuit tins, diaries...

Wow! Loads here, a couple of our charm ranges - Pandora style beads and bracelets, in solid silver at a fraction of the price! 'Charm It' for younger charm collectors. Beautiful bracelets from 'Black Cherry'.  Crystal necklaces and bracelets handmade by Kathy Stride and stunning hanging swarowski crystals from'One World Crystal'.

A better shot of those bracelets by 'Black Cherry'

'Pilgrim' charms - needs no explanation - the Danish jewellery brand just gets better and better!

'Go-Go Crazy Bones' - all 4 series! Soft Toys (which are reversible and come with go-go's inside), posters and starter packs for new collectors. If you're over 10 you probably don't understand the appeal, but believe me, if you're under 10 these are the best thing since sliced bread! :)

Fabulous dangly crystal chandelier earrings from 'No Tail', gorgeous leather cuffs from 'Design Six' and beautiful notelets from 'Papaya'.

Greetings cards and Christmas cards!

Banksy print Christmas cards! And Weenicons! How cool???

More christmas cards, and TRADITIONAL advent calenders... ie no horrid cheap chocolate in them! :)

christmas cards...

This is one of my favourite sections of the shop - handbags! 'Irregular Choice' and 'Red Or Dead' - beautiful beautiful beautiful handbags... so well made, so stunningly quirky they make me want to weep... Want... no, NEED these! :)

 'One Button' jewellery - exotic, unusual and affordable! What more could you want?

Funky jewellery from 'Lello', 'Ridley and Dowse' (we share the same initials) and Hazel Atkinson. All of them amazing! All of them selling out fast!

Sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewellery from 'Cavendish French'. Needs nothing more saying...stunning...

More gorgeous jewels by Cavendish French.

The range of jewellery on this shelf is by Melina La Firenze, a young mother from up the road in St Neots. She manages to make one of our best selling ranges of jewellery whilst looking after 2 teeny tinies... another amazing multitasking Mum. Hat doffed! :)

The stunning brand 'Coeur De Lion', all jewellery is handmade in Germany with swarowski crystal and a unique stone which is exclusive to the company called  'Polaris'. I can't describe the quality, and unfortunately this photo does it no justice at all, but believe me when I say *deep breath* A-MA-ZING!

This is a range we are all super-excited about here at Rose and Dylan - It is called 'Adorne' jewellery and it is all handmade by our very own Alyssa Smith, who works here part time, and spends every other hour she has getting her own jewellery design business up and running! She has her own website at and its well worth a good peruse. She will also come to your home to host a jewellery party for you, if you would rather turn your shopping into a lovely evening socialising with chums at the same time! Clever, clever Lady... Lovely Lissy-Loo!

Lovely Danish designed jewellery Pilgrim. They used to have Helena Christenson as 'the face of Pilgrim', but I always found that whenever I wore my Pilgrim jewels I  still didn't look like her. (?) Hmmm...

Bag Corner... where all the bags hang out... you can find us here... ;)
In here, we have a selection of funky print bags and lap top cases from Yak Pak, direct from NY.
Celebrity designed handbags, purses and backpacks made by the charity organisation 'Whatever It Takes' who get celebrities to donate their designs to a range of products, and in return they donate a percentage of the profit to the charity. Now I know I'm not explaining this terribly clearly so I'll give you a link to their web page which describes what they do so much better than i ever will be able to!
There are bags and laptop cases by the trendy brand 'Storm' London and last, but definitely not least, my favourite - handmade handbags made from vintage and recycled fabrics by Anna Jacobs, a dressmaker and artist from Bedford. They are all extremely well made, and the attention  is to detail, using vintage buttons and gorgeous contrasting lining, and enough pockets to satisfy any multi tasker( which, let's face it, we all are, these days)

Now, the next section is our beautiful island of tables in the very middle of the shop, and I have saved it for last on purpose, as it really is a sumptuous delight, full of glittering sparkle and festive impressiveness! May I present to you - the christmas display!

Phew! Well, that concludes our virtual tour! What did you think? I'm sure we've got one or two bits and pieces that you might like - worth an actual visit?
Do pop in - we'd love to see you!
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