Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday, 14 August 2009
dis·tract (d-strkt)
tr.v. dis·tract·ed, dis·tract·ing, dis·tracts
1. To cause to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest; divert.
2. To pull in conflicting emotional directions; unsettle

[Middle English distracten, from Latin distrahere, distract-, to pull away : dis-, apart; seedis- + trahere, to draw.]

Give you an idea of how I'm feeling at the moment?

This week was supposed to be my big week for getting loads of work done. The kids have gone to stay with the grandparents, I was to be going in to the shop every day and pulling in some nice long days too, so I could get all my loose ends tied up, ready for me to start on the web shop listings with a nice clear conscience that my time would not be put to better use elsewhere. Sound like a plan?


This was not taking into account my EXTREMELY SHORT ATTENTION SPAN

What was I talking about? Oh yes... I am so easily distracted. it is a wonder I achieve anything! When I looked at the online dictionary definition for distractibility it was surrounded by links to ADHD websites - a condition my son was diagnosed with about four years ago. Apple, tree, what was that?

I know, I know, in my defense though... I can defend my (our) behaviour, as being symptomatic of our society in this day and age. MS windows,mobile phones, twitter, MTV, ipods - these are some of the biggest commercial successes in our life time - and all created with the easily distracted person in mind, designed to fit to their/our mindset. We deal in short and sharp these days - noone is in for the long haul any more, in fact, we can't see that far ahead any more. Public figures employ spin doctors to dish out sound bites designed to impart their intentions to us - of course no one bothers with anything more long term than the next year or so - in our society that is as long as we can cope with. Just this morning, I have been hearing on the radio news about Obama's praise for the UK's NHS, and the reaction to that has been one of 'But why would he want to set up something like that in the USA, in peace time? When it's not at a crisis point?' That is a political commitment to a long term plan - something that does not concern the short term, quick fix, PR led Generation X that we are.

We are generation x - finding it impossible to live up to the high standards set for us by our parents, who were young in the 60's - a time when anything seemed possible, had their children in the 70's and were our age through the 80's boom. So who are our children? Indigo children, with hyperactivity and autistic disorders increasingly being diagnosed? Labels that make it easier for the rest of society to understand them? So that the previous generation can have a handbook on how to deal with them. Maybe I've got it wrong, but I thought it was a sort of genetically programmed thing that a generation isn't supposed to understand the next one fully - surely if that were the case noone would ever leave home and make their own life, if their parents 'understood' them? Oh... yeah... next issue....a generation of kids that live with their parents well into adulthood. Hmmm... where have I heard that one before?

OMG (an abbreviation, for those who haven't the time or attention span to write the full words down) - I just re read that last passage - the rantings of someone who has gone off on a complete tangent - I was supposed to be talking about how easily distracted I am!

Er... wait a minute... I got distracted.


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